Meet Paul Bruneau: Ojibwe Sculptor

I experience different emotions when I work and those emotions make their way into whatever I`m creating. – Paul Bruneau

Paul Bruneau`s sculptures are instantly striking with their impressive scale and emotional content. An Ojibwe sculptor from the Mattagami First Nations Reserve, Paul is primarily interested in carving the native animals of Canada. His repertoire includes regal white-horned owls, majestic wolves, mystifying shamanic masks, and even dignified beavers carrying piles of maple branches. With an eye for choosing the most beautiful and unique stones for his carvings, Paul often incorporates natural elements such as horse hair, wood, and even metal into his work in order to enhance the realism of his subjects. Bruneau states that his work can be separated into three distinct categories: The Real, The Spiritual and The Abstract. Shamanic masks often represent the Spiritual realm of his culture and beliefs while the Abstract can manifest itself into a variety of organic shapes and fluid contortions. Paul succeeds in joining the traditional with the more contemporary principles of native Canadian sculpture. The result is a visually stunning work of art which holds significant depths of meaning.

Paul proved his aptitude for creativity as a young child but ultimately found his calling in stone sculpture in 2000 which would attest to be his greatest and most challenging medium. Inuit sculptor Idris Moss-Davies was an early mentor for Bruneau and helped introduce the young artist to the world of stone sculpture. As his art developed, so did his style. Thought Paul is most notable for his large monumental stone carvings, he also enjoys participating in his cultural rituals and dances. One thing that remains constant in Paul`s work is his ability to preserve both the integrity of the materials and the dignified essence of his culture.

Paul with Grey Horned Owl

His most recent work entitled “Startled Beaver” (see below) is composed of a forest green serpentine with marbling throughout. The whiskers are metal wires and the teeth are made of moose antler. The beaver is collecting wood for his dam with real maple branches. Gallery Vincent is very proud to feature work by the talented Paul Bruneau (please click here to see more sculptures).


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